Nebraska Stump Grinding can remove any size stump, in any location year round. Call for a free estimate. During estimate, we'll assess location, determine pricing and schedule grind. By Law, Nebraska Stump Grinding will contact Nebraska811 prior to grind, Nebraska Stump Grinding must wait for all utilities to respond (approx 2 business days).

Nebraska Stump Grinding calculates pricing by measuring from the outer edge of the stump. Nebraska Stump Grinding has a rate per inch or minimum dollar charge for each stump ground. Our common policy is to grind 8-12" below ground level. Customers have the option, for an additional charge, to have Nebraska Stump Grinding haul the wood chips away or spread on existing landscaping. Charges will be determined upon site review, considering amount of wood chips and proximity to landscaping.


If there are multiple stumps on site, Nebraska Stump Grinding will figure the average diameter of the bunch and multiply it by the number of stumps and multiply that by the amount charged per inch.



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