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Nebraska Stump Grinding is Nebraska's leading, full service, stump grinding operation. We have the proper equipment to do both large and small, front or back yard jobs. With Nebraska Stump Grinding's mini-skid, there is no concern disposing of ground mulch. We can also finish the area with grass seed, sod, a new plant, bush or tree; either purchased by the customer or through our nursery contacts. All of Nebraska Stump Grinding's additional services are at minimal cost to our customers.

Nebraska Stump Grinding's Vermeer SC372 diesel grinder offers maximum power to complete any job with ease. Our machine will maneuver up to a 36" gate opening, allowing for easy access to back yard jobs. 


Nebraska Stump Grinding's mini-skid makes mulch removal quick and easy. Customers can opt to have mulch spread around current landscaping or hauled away either option is at minimal cost.

Things to Know

Prior to work being done, Nebraska Stump Grinding will locate underground utilities. We will also work with customers to be aware of any irrigation pipe (sprinkler pipe) or outdoor lighting wire. Occasionally, damage does occur. If damage was out of Nebraska Stump Grinding's control, the customer is responsible for repairs. If above ground level damage occurs to a sprinkler head or other objects by accident or neglect Nebraska Stump Grinding will make repairs.

Utilites and Damage
Fully Insured

Nebraska Stump Grinding takes pride in our work and customer service. We are fully insured and can present our insurance binder upon request.

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